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About Nisette

Regular fitness and balanced nutrition have a positive effect on physique, spirit, and mind.  As a lifestyle fitness trainer, I empower others with efficient fitness processes to reach their goals. As an amateur bodybuilder, I am always trying different ways to enjoy fitness and pass that knowledge along.    Join me on this journey.

The owner, Nisette M. Gray, is a certified fitness trainer with the American College of Exercise (ACE) since 1993 and a Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor (TPI). All4Fitness is CPR-certified and renews its certification prior to the 2-year expiration.


All4Fitness has enjoyed a strong 40 years of over 250 satisfied clients and fitness events which include:

  • With the 2019 pandemic, All4Fitness converted 90% of its clients to virtual sessions; now 30% of those clients continue virtually long-term due to distance and in-home convenience.

  • From 2019 to 2021 All4Fitness was the coordinator of the annual virtual walks and award ceremonies for a national corporation whose region includes 5 states and over 30,000 active members. 



Training at Home


Nisette is not only professional and dedicated, she is creative about designing different workouts based on a person’s needs and capabilities. I lost over 60 lbs and was toned from head to toe! Nisette is positive, fun and kept me motivated. She pushed me to heights I never thought I could go! More to come!

Fitness at Home


Nisette is a great motivator! It’s one thing to tell a person what they need to stay fit, but Nisette’s greatness lies in the fact that her example, nature and skills encourege you to aspire to be your personal best! Thank you, Nisette!

Gym Workout

Alejandro B.

Es una excelente entrenadora, muy humilde, sincera, muy profesional, paciente y hace su trabajo, con total seguridad. Su man era de trabajar y como explica as cosas es en un lenguaje sencillo y muy claro, sus planes dieteticos son excelentes. Si no as encontrado resultados con otro entrenador, no dudes en contactar a Nisette

Crossfit Ropes

Monica L.

Nisette has been my personal trainer for over ten years! She is very innovative and constantly thinking of ways to motivate. Her dedication and knowledge is remarkable. She makes working out fun!!

Gym Workout

Ed Robbins

Nisette is an outstanding trainer and even better person! She listens and tailors your workouts to help you achieve your goals! She has made a difference in my life and I recommend her to anyone of any age!

Fit Girl

Kristin M.

Nisette helped me get myself back into fitness and lose 40 lbs when I started training with her! She helped me achieve my goal of competing in an NPC Bikini competition! I placed in 3 different categories and it changed my life! She’s patient, motivating, encouraging, and helped push me through difficult training days! She is so dedicated to ensure I am successful in my fitness endeavors!



Ready to begin your fitness journey? Contact Nisette to learn more and schedule your first session.  Submit the contact form, call, or email


Tel:      248-221-9526



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